Unknown Next(故事探索游戏)

游戏简介 / Game Brief






This is an adventure about Mike, who lost his memory, exploring the truth.

Waking up on a small island, Mike found he had lost his memory. He tried to retrieve the memory, however, some strange things during this adventure made him so confused…

What on earth happened to Mike before he lost his memory? What’s the Unkown Next waiting for him?

Help Mike find his memory back and complete the adventure!



主要特色 / Features

* 轻松向的游戏故事

* The relaxing story of game

* 非常规思维的别致故事

* A fancy story with unconventional thinking

* 轻度解谜与探索体验

* Mild puzzle and exploratory experience


Unknown Next 海报


游戏信息 / Game Info

游戏名称 / Game Name:Unknown Next

创作 / Written:Unknown Next Project

运行平台 / Platform:Windows

版本 / Version:正式版(1.4)

发布时间 / Released Time:2018年7月 / July, 2018




下载 / Download

百度网盘(密码: 4jky) Dropbox

预览图 / Previews

Unknown Next 预览图

Unknown Next 预览图

Unknown Next 预览图

Unknown Next 预览图

Unknown Next 预览图

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